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Thursday, July 18, 2024



Ed knows all facets of the game.  He will teach you mechanics of the swing as well as how to play the game. He will teach you to own your game.  Ed has great vision and is an innovator in the golf industry.  I am privileged to know and have worked with him.

Betty Kaufman

Men's Golf Coach

DePaul University

The first thing Ed ever said to me was the goal of this lesson is to lower your score.  It was NOT about learning how to manipulate the body throughout the swing.  It was NOT about re-building my game into a model swing.  Ed accomplished the objective by helping me learn how the club should move throughout the swing and how the body should naturally respond.   I cannot begin to tell you how this feel will free you up to enjoy simply playing the game.  To play golf and not golf swing.  Eds philosophy revolves around four fundamentals.  Everything else is preference.  Once this is understood, the frustration of not knowing what happened will be replaced with a swing that is your own.


Casey Hunt



Ed is a credit to his profession, and has a good eye to find solutions to problems with golf swings of all levels!

Skip Berkmeyer


For years I struggled with my golf swing and never really understood the mechanics of how the club should be swung. Like many others I read articles, watched videos, and even took lessons from many pros around the area. I would get a temporary fix , but nothing that was foundational or lasting, that lead me to a true understanding of the proper swing. Not until I was introduced to Ed Schwent, that I truly was able to finally understand the proper swing plane and then put that into action. Ed has a gift and an ability to recognize the flaws in ones swing, give easy to understand instructions, and guidance on how to  swing on "Plane". I was finally able to put these lessons into action and correctly execute the swing consistently. More importantly I understood the "why" of the swing and this has allowed me to continually improve my game on the course for greater enjoyment. I encourage any golfer, at any level of ability, to seek out Ed's instruction, as this will provide you the direction and clarity you have been seeking for a better golf swing.


Tim Hunt


I started in Ed's junior golf program when I was 12 years old.  Ed's instruction and golf programs were vital to the success I was able to have as a young inspiring golfer.  Thanks to Ed I was able to win a high school state title and went on to receive a college scholarship.

                                                                 Ryan Blechle, Head Pro Gateway National                                                                                                                                                                  

I first met Ed in July of 2007 at the Missouri Bluffs Golf Club. My hockey career had  ended earlier that year due to injury and I made the decision to finish up college at UMSL and try to walk on their golf team. At that time I just knew how to hit a golf ball hard and  could miss it 40 yards in either direction. I really needed help with my game if I wanted to be competitive at the amateur and college level. That is when I reached out to Ed for help. Little did I know that was the beginning of a great friendship. Ed completely turned my game around. He not only taught me the golf swing, he taught me to play golf. He made an immediate impact on my game and I was able to not only compete in amateur tournaments but I was able to contend. The following summer I was beating players in tournaments who have played golf their whole life. I could not have done that if Ed had not helped me. Ed made himself very available to me. He would meet with me before tournaments on very short notice. I got to the point after my tournament rounds where my first phone call  would be to Ed, it did not matter if I shot 80 or 70, I still would call him. We would go over shot by shot and what I could do to improve my score and move up on the leader board the next day or next tournament. I cannot thank Ed enough for what he has done for me. In the summer of 2011 a job opportunity took me to Dallas, TX. This did not change our friendship at all. Whenever I come home to St. Louis, Ed would still find time to give me a look. It was like I never left. I usually come home for the Holidays meaning Thanksgiving and Christmas and COLD weather. Ed would still help me out regardless of the temperature outside.  To this day Ed and I have a great friendship and it all started with one simple golf lesson. I would recommend Ed to anyone who plays golf, regardless of skill level. His teaching methods and knowledge of the game of golf are second to no one. I am very thankful for having the opportunity to work with Ed. He is much more than a golf instructor to me, he is a great friend.

Denny Reagan




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